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Closed-Loop Systems

Horizontal Loop

This closed-loop system is commonly used when adequate land space is available. Pipes are buried horizontally in trenches, typically 4 to 6 feet deep. Horizontal loops are cost-effective and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Vertical Loop

Vertical loops are utilised when space is limited. This configuration inserts pipes vertically into boreholes drilled into the ground. Due to drilling costs, vertical loops require less land area but can be more expensive. They are often preferred for tall buildings or areas with high construction density.

Pond/Lake Loop

If there is a nearby body of water, such as a pond or lake, a pond/lake loop system can be implemented. Coils of pipe are submerged in the water, utilising its constant temperature to exchange heat. Pond/lake loops can be an effective option for properties with access to a water source.

Open-Loop Systems

Groundwater Heat Pump

Open-loop systems utilise groundwater as a heat source or sink. Water is extracted from a well, passes through the heat pump for heat exchange, and is then discharged back into the ground or a drainage system. This system requires a sufficient and clean water supply, making it suitable for areas with accessible groundwater resources.

Hybrid Systems

Greater Flexibility and Efficiency

Hybrid systems combine the benefits of closed-loop and open-loop systems, offering greater flexibility and efficiency. They utilise a closed-loop system and an additional heat source, such as a traditional furnace or boiler. The hybrid system automatically selects the most efficient heat source based on current conditions, optimising energy usage and providing reliable heating and cooling.

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Closed-loop systems are the most common and widely used ground source heat pump systems due to their versatility and suitability for various locations.

Open-loop systems depend on an available groundwater source, making them suitable for areas with accessible water resources but less common than closed-loop systems.

Hybrid systems offer increased flexibility by incorporating an auxiliary heat source, providing additional heating capacity during freezing weather or peak demand.


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A ground source or geothermal heat pump uses the ground’s constant temperature to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling for residential and commercial properties.

A ground source heat pump circulates a fluid through a series of buried pipes, known as a ground loop, which absorbs heat from the ground during winter for heating and dissipates heat into the ground during summer for cooling. This process is achieved through a refrigeration cycle, providing efficient and consistent indoor comfort.

When properly maintained, a ground source heat pump system can last more than 20 years. The ground loop pipes can last for 50 years or more. Regular maintenance and professional servicing contribute to the longevity and efficient operation of the system.

Absolutely! Ground source heat pump systems can be retrofitted to existing properties with the help of experienced professionals. A thorough property assessment is conducted to determine the feasibility of integration and the most suitable installation approach.


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