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Learn a little about Air Source Heat Pumps

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

An Air Source heat pump works by absorbing heat from the environment. It can even work well when temperatures are below freezing. 

It extracts heat from the air around us and transfers that heat to the inside of your home, keeping you warm and comfortable. 

Top Facts about Heat Pumps:

– Use Renewable Energy

– More efficient than gas boilers (up to 300% more efficient)

– Lowers carbon footprint

– Is quiet

– Reduced long term running costs

– Low Maintenance

and most importantly, save you money on your bills


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An air source heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it into your home. It uses a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outdoor unit and raises the temperature of that heat through a compressor before releasing it inside your home.

Yes, air source heat pumps are highly energy efficient. They can provide up to 3 units of heat for every 1 unit of electricity consumed, resulting in significant energy savings compared to traditional heating systems. They also have the added benefit of being able to reverse the process and provide cooling during hot summer months.

With proper installation and regular maintenance, an air source heat pump can last between 15 to 20 years. The lifespan can vary depending on usage, maintenance, and the quality of the unit. Regular servicing and timely repairs can help prolong the heat pump’s longevity.

Installing an air source heat pump offers several benefits, including reduced energy bills, lower carbon emissions, improved home comfort, and the potential to qualify for government incentives or rebates. It also provides heating and cooling capabilities in one system, eliminating the need for separate heating and cooling units.


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