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Solar Panel Installation Related FAQs

The cost of a residential solar panel system in the UK can vary anywhere from £5000 to £8000 for a 1-4 kW system. The price usually includes the type and size of solar panel, installation, labour, inverter and other installation complexities.

The Renewables Centre specialises in installing and maintaining various solar products, including solar thermal systems, rooftop solar panels, solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic panels, solar-powered lighting, etc. 

Offering a wide range of solar products helps us meet our customers’ distinct needs and demands, stay competitive and up-to-date with advanced technologies and promote sustainability and eco-green solutions. 

Solar panels can be installed on both on-grid and off-grid configurations.

The two major differences between an on-grid and off-grid solar panel are in the mode of connection and utilisation of the existing grid energy system. 


The amount of power depends on your energy consumption, which can be calculated by multiplying your household’s hourly energy requirement by the peak sunlight hours for your area and dividing that by a panel’s wattage.

Formula: Power in watts x average hours of direct sunlight = Daily Watt-hours.

If there is excess power, it can be used as exported energy, which means the surplus power is sent back to the grid and is used when your solar panel is not generating enough electricity. On the other hand, in off-grid systems with battery storage, the excess power can be used as a backup power supply when solar production is insufficient.

Yes, the solar installer is accredited with MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme).

It is vital to install your solar panels under the supervision of a qualified ISE structural engineer because determining the roof’s strength is essential before installing a solar panel. As the two roofs would be different, the report by a structural engineer will be tailor-made considering specific factors like spacing, rafter size and wind zone. 

Strengthening is significant for a roof and will be decided after inspecting your roof. Otherwise, it could end up cracking the ceiling or sagging the beams. 

While it’s best to steer clear of shading, methods are available to mitigate its effects. It is crucial to assess and analyse any shading issues arising from nearby structures as neighbouring buildings and trees. Taking these factors into consideration will help minimise the impact on solar energy generation.

General FAQs

Heat pumps are energy-efficient devices that transfer heat from one place to another. They can provide heating and cooling by extracting heat from the air, ground, or water and distributing it indoors or outdoors.

Rooftop solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills, provide a clean and renewable energy source, and potentially earn your money through net metering or feed-in tariffs.

Yes, solar energy systems can be easily expanded by adding more solar panels to accommodate increased energy needs or changes in household requirements.

Solar batteries provide a backup power source during grid outages, ensuring a continuous power supply and reducing dependence on the grid.

Solar lighting is an excellent solution for remote areas where installing electrical infrastructure is challenging or costly.

Solar energy can provide long-term cost savings on electricity bills, potential income through selling excess energy, increased property value, and protection against rising energy prices.

Solar batteries allow you to store excess solar energy during periods of low sunlight or at night, increasing self-consumption and providing backup power during outages.

Solar water heaters use renewable energy from the sun to heat water, whereas traditional water heaters rely on electricity, gas, or other conventional fuel sources.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station at home provides convenience, faster charging times compared to standard outlets, and potential cost savings compared to public charging stations.


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