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Investing in workplace charging infrastructure is a forward-thinking choice that showcases your organisation’s commitment to sustainability and provides a valuable service to employees and visitors.

Workplace charging

Installing electric vehicle charging stations at business premises, allowing employees and visitors to charge their electric vehicles while at work conveniently. By providing this service, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, encourage EV adoption among employees, and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Where Can Workplace Charging Stations be Implemented?

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Parking lots

Dedicated EV charging spots in parking lots ensure easy access and availability for employees.

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Charging stations integrated into company-owned or leased garages offer secure and protected charging options.


Underground parking

Even in underground parking facilities, EV charging infrastructure can be installed, promoting EV adoption.

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Outdoor areas

For organizations with open parking spaces, installing charging stations in visible areas promotes sustainability and attracts EV-driving customers.

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Types of Workplace Charging

Level 1 Charging

This is the basic charging option, using a standard 120-volt AC outlet. Level 1 charging is suitable for vehicles with smaller battery capacities, providing around 4-5 miles of range per hour.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt power supply and offer faster charging than Level 1. They are ideal for workplace charging, providing approximately 25-30 miles of range per hour. Level 2 charging stations require professional installation and are compatible with most electric vehicles.

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Consultation and Design

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Installation and Equipment

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Network Management

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Ongoing Maintenance and Support

At The Renewables Centre, we proudly offer a comprehensive workplace charging service that includes solar-powered charging solutions. Our solar workplace charging service combines the benefits of clean, renewable energy with convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Our team of experts will design and install solar panels on your premises, integrating them seamlessly with our workplace charging stations. Join us in embracing a greener future with our innovative solar workplace charging service.


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Yes, workplace charging stations are designed to accommodate multiple vehicles simultaneously. This ensures that your employees or visitors have access to charging facilities even during peak hours. The charging stations are equipped with multiple charging ports, allowing for efficient and convenient charging for multiple EVs at once.

Workplace charging is a simple and convenient process. Employees or visitors with electric vehicles can park their cars in designated charging spots and plug them into our charging stations. They can then go about their work or activities while their vehicles recharge. The charging stations are user-friendly and compatible with most electric vehicles on the market.

The workplace charging stations are compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, including all major brands such as Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, BMW, and more. Whether you have a fully electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the stations can accommodate your charging needs.

The charging time can vary depending on several factors, including the vehicle’s battery capacity and charging level. Generally, Level 2 charging stations, which are commonly used in workplaces, provide approximately 25-30 miles of range per hour of charging. This means that a typical electric vehicle with a 200-mile range can be fully charged in 6-8 hours.


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